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CAMBODIA - VIETNAM - LAOS DISCOVERY 15 days/ 14 nights from 11 Feb 2017 to 25 Feb 2017
The service you had provided has really been excellent, starting with the suggestions for the itinerary, the speed you answered our many questions, the hotels you have selected for us that besides being very nice and comfortable had also the advantage of being very close to the interesting part of the cities, the service of picking us up at the airports and at the hotels,and the guides that with only one exception, were generally very very good, knowledgeable, nice, speaking a clear English and speaking slowly enough for us to understand. The only negative point of the entire travel was the guide in central Vietnam who was really bad. We had big problems to understand his English. Furthermore he did not explain us anything really (we had to listen to the English/French guides of other groups and read our lonely planet guide), he changed the program in a negative manner, and very often we had to run not to miss him who was going ahead by his own. Anyway I am sure you will be able to find better guides for this part of Vietnam, and the lonely planet guide was reasonably detailed so that we did not miss a lot.
Finally the telephone you had given us and the fact that you were always available had allowed us to enjoy at most this fantastic travel. Thanks a lot for everything. Hope to contact you next year for some other travel in the area (south part of Laos and Thailand ? or Myanmar ?).
As soon as I understand how it works with Trip Advisor I would like to write there to recommend your travel agency.
Mrs Elda De Carli from Italy

CAMBODIA FAMILY HOLIDAY 11 days/ 10 nights from 27 Jan 2017 to 6 Feb 2017
Dear Nguyen,
We had a great holiday and thank you for your contribution to this. We were pleased surprised about Cambodia, amazed by temples and delighted by a beautiful, pristine beach.
For sure we will recommend it to our friends.
From summer we will move to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City , for the next few years. We will contact you again for our next holidays in that area.
Wish you all the best,
Amalia Masache and family from Romania

FOR GRAND INDOCHINA TOUR 16 days/ 15 nights from 13 Jan 2017 to 28 Jan 2017
Hello Duong,
Thanks to you we had wonderful time in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Everything went smoothly. I loved Vietnam and had best time there. Cambodia was quite hot. All guides and drivers were nice and on time. I have to mention the guide we have in Laos. He Was very knowledgeable and adjusted to our schedule.
I am still suffering from jet lag.
Thank you so much for the wonderful gift you gave us lacer plates.
Anil Agarwal and Family from USA

Cambodia & Vietnam discovery 14 days”. From 8th Dec 2016 to 21st Dec 2016.
Dearest Mary
It has been a very busy time since we arrived home.
Mary, it has been a most amazing trip. I can’t thank you enough! I travel a lot and the service you provide is beyond compare. Your guides, drivers, choice of hotels was outstanding. There is absolutely nothing I can fault you on. Thank you!!!! It has been a really really incredible trip.
Kindest regards
Hanlie OConnor from South Africa

ESSENTIAL CAMBODIA 6 days/ 5 nights from 5th Dec to 10th Dec 2016
Dear Ms. Duong ,
Thank you for your e-mail and for making my trip to Cambodia so special. I shall certainly be back . I wish you a Merry Christmas and I hope 2017 is all you wish for it to be .
Best Regards
Gavin Visser from South Africa

Uncovered Cambodia 10 days 9 nights from 24 Oct to 3 Nov 2016
We are very satisfied with the services provided. Starting from the planning (thanks to Van Anh) of the tour and the tour itself. All involved persons (our guide Bon was very well prepared and was always open for extra requests, our driver was a very safe driver) are highly qualified and we are happy that we have booked the tour with you.
Mr. Juergen Zauner from Austria

FROM ANGKOR WAT TO PHU QUOC from 21 to 29 Oct 2016
Dear Thuy Do,
The link did not work, but that does not stop me telling you we have had a FANTASTIC holiday! All hotels, all the trips and the guides were really friendly and the trip was a great holiday for us. The improvement point was the fact that at the Cambodja Vietnam border we were left alone between two drivers who could not explain to us what was going on. We walked across the border ourselves and spend time before the boat discovering the town rather than waiting in the restaurant. This could have been a bit better, but worked in the end.
I thank you very much, will recommend you to others!
Willem Keij from Netheland

Vietnam & Cambodia discovery 11 days 10 nights from 5th Oct 2016 to 15th Oct 2016.
Dear Mary,
I have made the feedback E-survey already.
Thanks for all your help and for being very efficient and helpful all throughout.
Asia Travel & Leisure has done great service indeed! From the tour consultant, the tour guides and the drivers,they were all superb! Will definitely recommend you all and might come back to these countries again. :)
Again thanks and great job! :)
Bianca and Leong Mun from Philippines & Malaysia

HIGHLIGHTS OF CAMBODIA & LAOS from 03 to 13 Sep 2016
Dear Thuy Do,
Very satisfied with the trip & service provided.
One comment though; on visiting the floating village we were slightly mobbed by children selling gifts when we disembarked from the boat. The children appeared to be part of a business run by adults.
Our guide obviously knew this was going to happen yet gave us no warning. I realise the children & families need to make s living but their persistence was uncomfortable for us.
As we were paying the guide for his service I feel he had an obligation to advise us yet this did not happen.
MR. ANDREW SHAW & PARTNER from New Zealand

Highlights of Cambodia and Laos from 20 Aug to 2 Sep - 2016
Dear Duong,
We are back in Italy and I would like to thank you for the wonderful trip.
It was amazing and your organization was perfect and all people so professional and nice.
Next days I'll leave a feed back on trip advisor.
My next destination could be Myanmar so I'll surely contact you.
Have a great day.
Daniela Ferro from Italy

CAMBODIA HOLIDAY from 23 to 30 August 2016
Dear Thuy Do,
We were very satisfied by the services provided by TRAVEL CAMBODIA.
Actually we were very favorably impressed by Cambodia. It's a marvelous country, full of natural beauty, excellent food, and kind people.
We really hope having the opportunity to come again in Cambodia or plan a new trip in Vietnam or Laos...
Thanks for you helpfulness.
Kindest regards.
Sabina Barbara & Daniela Mazzarello from Italy

Cambodia Highlights (from 12 Aug to 18 Aug)
Dear Ms Duong,
Thank you for your email.
I have completed the online survey you sent me.
We all really enjoyed the trip and found it very interesting. It was well organized and the tour guides were great! Thank you very much for organizing everything.
Best wishes
Dana Houri and group from UK

Indochina Discovery from 11 Jul to 25 Jul 2016
Ms. Van Anh was excellent. We could not have found a more qualified agent to plan our excursion into S/E Asia. She went beyond the norm to assist us with special requests.
I would recommend Travel Cambodia without hesitation and advise them to contact Ms. Van Anh for assistance.
Thank you for a most memorable tour of your magical part of the world.
Waymon Ray Smith from USA

ANGKOR WAT & NORTH VIETNAM (05 Apr – 14 Apr 2016)
Most aspects of our holiday were absolutely wonderful and we would both like to thank Thuy Do for her great patience in helping us create this unforgettable experience. However, there are a few points and observations about different aspects of the tour:
#1: For UK citizens entering VietNam directly, there is no problem. However, we flew in from Cambodia and that causes major problems regarding the Immigration Dept at HaNoi airport. We had to fill out paperwork in a very disorderly process and also then pay $28 per person for a visa. The whole process took us 90 minutes and did not inspire confidence that it was being done with any regulation! Can I suggest that you advise British/UK citizens to enter VietNam first, then fly on to Cambodia.
#2: The hotel La Siesta in HaNoi was a pleasant hotel, but we did not enjoy the location; put it another way, the hotel did not suit the very chaotic location; they had very different characters. When we returned from the Sapa (Sapaly Express), we had a very short stay in another hotel, which we found to be much more pleasant and relaxed. It would also then be a more appropriate and convenient departure point for the Sapaly Express journey up to Lao Cai. That hotel in HaNoi was called the Cosiana Hotel, in the Dong Da district. Alternatively, if there was a similar class/quality of hotel near to Hoàn Kiếm Lake, that would be equally preferable.
#3: The drivers and the guides we encountered on all stages of our trip were truly excellent! The driver and guide in Siem Reap were extremely enjoyable company. The pair up in Sapa were delightful and respectful of our needs to change the plan on occasion. Giap (Steve) Nguyen in Hanoi was a very intelligent and knowledgeable man... and if anyone deserves a medal, it is the driver we had on both parts of our time in HaNoi. On the second stage, driving from HaNoi down to Halong Bay, and then returning 2 days later, I have never seen such terrible driving standards in my whole life, and I have driven and been driven all over the world for over 60 years!!! BUT .... our driver did not follow their frightening habits. When we reached the Halong Bay cruise and talked to other guests on the Bhaya boat, they had all been very badly frightened by the drivers who had taken them down there. It was then that I felt very, very grateful that our driver had been so respectful and considerate in the way he had driven us there! If you can trace who our driver was, please continue to employ him and compliment him from us on his exceptional skills. He deserved every Dong of the gratuity that we gave him after our return journey!!
#4: We originally booked for a 1-night trip on the Bhaya cruise, but after what turned out to be a MUCH longer drive than expected from HaNoi to Halong Bay, we immediately arranged to make it a 2-night boat cruise. I am so pleased that we did. Ms Thuy Do was extremely helpful in making it so easy to change our plans by negotiating with the cruise company on the phone; I would recommend that you persuade anyone who wants to do a Bhaya cruise to do a 2-night, not just a 1-night cruise. Even in misty weather it is a special experience and the crew on the boat were absolutely excellent in every way.
Ultimately, we have to repeat a very big "Thank You" to Ms Thuy Do who contributed so much effort to create this magnificent tour for us on behalf of Travel Cambodia. It was also so thoughtful of her to meet us at our hotel in HaNoi. Bravo!

Ciao Ms. Thuy Do
it has been a pleasure to meet you in Hanoi.
We really enjoyed the trip.
Thank you for your help.
Best regards
Vanni from Italy

The Colors of Cambodia - 7 days from 19 – 25 March 2016
Just wanted to say thank-you for organizing another excellent trip for us. The guides, the drivers, everything was excellent (except the heat :>) ). We will post another positive review on TripAdvisor and would be happy to provide other testimonials should you need them.
We met some interesting people at the cooking class in Siem Reap who were very interested in the fact we were a tour of 2. We passed along your name. Hoping they email us so we can give them your email address directly.
In talking to Dawn, Donna, and Rick, they too had a great experience. We are looking forward to seeing their pics when we see them at the IEEE meeting.this coming May. We may have to come back and do the tour they did as well
All the best
Bonnie and Bob from USA

Thailand and Cambodia - 19 Feb to 27 Feb 2016
Dear Duong
Receive my apologize that I didn’t send any message after we have safely arrived back home.
Usually the working days after the vacation are the busiest days at work.
Anyhow, we had great vacation. We had enjoyed a lot in the both countries, they have similarities and huge differences at same time.
We enjoyed the nature, amazing historical places, friendly and smiling people, massage, and definitely the best night life and entertainment in Bangkok, especially for the male part of the group.
And thank you for organizing this trip for us and specially thanks to your representative in Bangkok for her extremely efforts to find the Vietnamese coffee which I am enjoying with my wife while sending you this email.
I will fill in the survey soon.
Whenever we decide to visit Southeast Asia again, definitely will request your services.
Best Regards
Bojan from Canada

FROM HANOI TO SIEM REAP (Hanoi – Siem Reap) from 18 Feb to 22 Feb 2016
Thank you. Mr. Ha!
We have wonderful time in Hanoi and Siem Reap. Your service was excellent and we appreciate a lot your lovely present. You made us so happy. I hope to see you soon in Hanoi! Thank you also for helping me to get Thanakas and shampoos.
Kind regards
Margarita from Mexico

CAMBODIA DISCOVERY From 21st Jan 2016 to 08th Feb 2016
Our visit to Cambodia.
Dear Ly An!
This is a little response on the plan you made for us for our visit to Cambodia.
!. We are very satisfied with the itinerary you made. Everything functioned well, with variations and interesting experiences. Splendid! Thank you for giving us such good service during the trip.
2. Our two guides in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh made a fantastic job!
3. The hotel staffs in all three hotels were very helpful, smiling and did all a good job.
4. The Frangipani Villa Hotel, Siem Reap was like the 3 stars hotel we know from other countries. With a very good breakfast buffet, good rooms and a nice swimming pool.
Frangipani Villa 60 was a disappointment. When the guide asked us the first morning, we said ok, thinking of the few days we should stay there.
Later that day, we got the delicious cake from you, and wanted to buy some coffee – not possible. Then we wanted to buy some water – not possible. Food? – not possible. May be the very young staff member did not understand our English… No breakfast buffet – we had to choose from a note. The food was fresh and good! No pool – and a quite dark big flat – with mosquitoes visiting us during the night. The rooms were clean, and the young staff did the best they could. But please, don’t use this as a 3 star hotel.
Said in another way: If Frangipani is a 3 stars hotel, then Moon Julie is a 5 stars! Everything at Moon was very satisfying!! Fantastic breakfast buffet, fantastic pool and fantastic room with a very good view. We had ten lovely days here!
We will in the future recommend you and your company to our friends.
Best wishes
Liv and Bjørn Hørnes from Norway

South East Asia discovery 60 days. From 7th Jan 2015 to 4th Feb 2016.
Hi Mary D
Hello from a frigid Ottawa, Canada - a temperature of minus 30 and with the wind it feels like minus 42 centigrades!!! Sunny yesterday and a snow storm today. We want to be back in your part of the world!! (see photos below)
We have been home for just over a week and spend a lot of our time going over the hundreds of pictures and at least a similar number of memories of the remarkable two months we spent in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos: 10 flights, two train trips, three biking excursions,10 guides, 11 drivers, about 6 boating trips, one major trekking experience (Sapa), two floating markets and we lost count of the amazing stupas and temples ... In spite of this complex logistic undertaking, and in spite of my trepidation before we left Canada, the whole two months went on virtually flawlessly.
So much of this tremendous trip was due to your organization and the various individuals you had guiding and driving us. In the majority of instances the guides and drivers were outstanding - adding so much to our experience. We want to particularly thank (and please excuse my spelling of the names) guide Aoy and driver Tont in Bangkok, guide Tuon and driver Mr Tang in Hanoi, guide May in Sapa, Guide Huyn and driver Mr. Thu in the Saigon area, guide Narin in Siem Reap, driver Mr. Deth (from Vang Vieng to Vientiane) and finally guide Mr. Mon in Vientiane. Some of the hotels and/or staff were really outstanding - the manager (Mr. Peeraphap) and his assistant at the Cha-Da in Krabi, the beautiful Delano hotel and staff in Hanoi, the Oriental Sails boat cruise at Halong Bay (incredibly good meals and staff), the Romance Hotel in Hue, the Central Boutique Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap and finally the City Inn in Vientiane.
And, special thanks to you Mary D. We were (and still are) so impressed in how you handled our many requests, changes and concerns prior to our departure from Canada. Your quick responses to our emails amazed us (even on a Sunday morning at 7am!) and added a great deal of comfort as we were anticipating the trip. We have no hesitancy in recommending your company and particularly you to our friends as they suffer through our many photos and listen jealously as we described our experiences.
Finally, it was a delight to meet you in Hanoi, and the lovely coasters and jewelry box you gave us will serve as reminders of you and the trip.
Fond regards
Peter & Sabina from Canada
P.S. Please feel free to use any of the above on your website

Best of Cambodia 8 days 7 nights (10 Jan – 17 Jan 2016)
Dear Miss Nga,
Thanks for you email. I would like to thank you in behalf of the group for that well organised week in Cambodia. We enjoyed it very much. Especially I would like to stress, that we were very happy with our guides Jack in Siem Reap and Sa Em in Phnom Penh. They were both very kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Two very nice characters.
Definately we will recommend your agency and will contact you again, as soon as we plan another dive trip to Thailand and maybe see next time an other country like Laos or Myanmar.
All the best for you, your family and your country and please tell our two guides our regards.
Yours sincerely
Andreas from Austria

Cambodia Highlights 4 days 3 nights from 12 Sep to 15 Sep 2015
Hi Van Anh,
The reason that I am not likely to visit Cambodia again is not because I didn't enjoy it, but rather, personally, I just do not do repeat trips. I had a fantastic time in Cambodia, and would recommend other people to go there as well, while also telling them about your services. I just never go to the same country more than once. However I would love to go to Vietnam and Myanmar in the future, and if I do, you guys will be helping me plan my trip. As far as the itinerary goes, I really do think that Ms. Van Anh did an amazing job planning my trip.
There were a lot of places that I wanted to go, and I unfortunately did not have a lot of time due to my cramped schedule (I visited many other countries as well). Not only did she respond to my questions promptly, but she was friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous with each e-mail she wrote me. She was able to get me to every place I wanted to go while also adding in different stops as well that were on the way. She did a great job. My guides in Cambodia were also great. Specifically, Mr. Tola did such a good job with Angkor Wat and helping me with my photography. Not only did he know more about my own equipment than I did, he knows more about photography than most people I know! He deserves my highest praise. The other guides were great as well, and the drivers and the conditions of the cars were very nice. I really don't have anything negative to say to be honest. The highlights for me were the Elephant Camp in Thailand (I wish I had more time to spend there honestly), and of course Angkor Wat. Thanks again for helping my plan my trip.
Sean from USA

Essential Vietnam & Cambodia 12 days 11 nights from 20 Apr to 01 May 2015
Dear Van Anh
I am exceptionally impressed with the service from your travel agency. My friend and I were in Vietnam and Cambodia for 12 days and during this time, our tour guides and drivers were excellent. The guides were always punctual, pleasant, informative, good sense of humour and always very considerate and helpful. I would strongly recommend your agency to anyone and I wish you all the best as your hard work is paying off and you have a very satisfied customer.
Ms. Elham Asgari & Ms. Ladan Sharifi from UK

Cambodia & Vietnam Discovery 15 days 14 nights from 21 Mar to 04 Apr 2015
Dear Van Anh
We are highly greatfull for a wonderful tour. We experienced a highly professional planned and executed tour. The various day trips were exiting and gave us an insight in culture and peoples way of living we do not expect a none local travel agency could provide. We will recommend your agency to friends. Thank you so much Anna aabo with family.
Mrs. Anna Aabø & family from Norway.

Best of Laos & Cambodia 14 days (26 Jan – 8 Feb 2015)
Dear Hue good evening (in Italy),
we just came back from our wonderful tour in South East Asia! We absolutely loved the places and the people. We thank you very much for the perfect organisation of the tour and the choice:
-of guides (a special mention to our guide in Siem Reap)
-of Hotels (a special mention for PakBeng Lodge, Santi Villa, Vang Vieng FCC in SiemReap - we had to change the hotel in Siemreap- Memoire d'Angkor- because due to overbooking they left only a very poor room with no windows and very low ceiling , but the second choice was beatiful and fascinating and White House in PhnomPenh)
-of local your office people (a special mention for Miss Anong Chanthamath
-Luang Prabang office - she went with us to eat a night and took care of us very carefully and she is really a wonderful and skillful person).
What can we say more? We are completely satisfied and we were sure to find a really good and excellent service and it happened!
Thank you again : we surely suggest your company to our friends who wants to visit South East Asia and for our future travels!
All our best regards
Francesco Garini and Manuela Sangiorgio from Italy

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